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  • High quality frame guaranteed for support & safety bounce after bounce!
  • Fortified mat for that extra spring action.
  • Higher weight rating than the VariableBounce.
  • New, advanced AlleyOOP enclosure nets: easy to install with all of the safety features
  • Includes our exclusive: PowerArms, PowerHooks, and PowerSprings.


This state-of-the-art technology improves both shock - absorption and bounce performance. This exclusive trampoline can be tuned for different age, weight, and skill levels, yet it also broadens the performance spectrum so that jumpers with a wider range of weights and skill levels can safely enjoy the same set up.

The heart of the PowerBounce system is our patented TripleStage-DualSpring™ assembly. Each assembly consists of two High-Performance springs mounted on our PowerArm™ fitting. The upper, Primary Spring locks the PowerArm into the V-ring, while the lower, PowerSpring™ attaches to one of the PowerArm’s three stages—the top, middle, or bottom setting.

Soar to new heights! The PowerArm linkages work like levers as the PowerSprings stretch, and this significantly improves the bounce performance. The bottom setting provides the best combination of shock absorption and performance because it super-stages the springs.

Easier to install safety net. We've pre-sown the enclosure door to help you with installation and the square orientation gives you a cleaner look. This tighter design actually extends the life of your net and reduces your maintenance costs while increasing the the strength of the system!

(Basketball set, GamePak, Tent and other accessories sold separately.)

  • Three Sizes Available: 10', 12' & 14' diameter
  • The AlleyOOP PowerBounce trampoline has all of the features and specifications of the Variable Bounce Trampoline (see details) as well as some exclusive advantages listed below.
  • The mat has 10 rows of stitching and a UV shield with the addition of high-strength heavy-duty mat edging designed to withstand the increased demands of power jumping.
  • The 14' trampoline has 96 primary springs and 48 PowerSprings for a total of 144 springs.
  • The 12' trampoline has 88 primary springs and 44 PowerSprings for a total of 132 springs.
  • The 10' trampoline has 72 primary springs and 18 PowerSprings for a total of 90 springs.
  • Adjustable PowerBounce Assemblies allow for a huge range of performance customization options using the included PowerArms, PowerHooks, and PowerSprings.
  • Designed for use with JumpSport or AlleyOOP Sports brand trampoline accessories (sold separately).
  • 14' Model has a maximum single-user weight rating up to 270 lb* (260 lb for the 12' Model, 250 lb for the 10' Model).*
    (*Real world testing to a combined weight of over 800 lb.)

Permatron® is a registered trademark of Nicolon Corporation, Duluth, GA.

Installation available – call or visit showroom for details